Compound is sold in 50 lb cases, 300 lb kegs, and 600 drums. As a manufacturer we’re happy to provide a great quality product and very aggressive pricing especially to our larger distributors. We regularly provide large scale exports and shipments of multiple pallets to our customers who require large-scale orders.

Discounted pricing is available on buffing wheels at price breaks of 10, 25, and a 100. Keep in mind that production runs may be required to fulfill quantities of 25+ or when purchasing custom-made buffing wheels. A production time can often result in a lead time of 4-5 days and any applicable time for transit. Many of our most popular buffing wheels we keep in stock and can ship in 24 hours, but as a manufacturer we are proud to offer custom buffing wheels where the ply count, density pack, and arbor hole sizes can all be made custom.