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    14" Buffing Wheels for Wheel Polishing Machines


    14" Buffing Wheels for Wheel Polishing Machines

    Elevate Wheel Polishing with Our 14" Premium Buffing Wheels

    Discover unparalleled wheel polishing with Renegade's meticulously-designed 14" premium buffing wheels, tailored for automatic and semi-automatic polishing machines. These robust wheels, boasting a generous 14" diameter, a 5" clinch ring, and a 1-1/4" arbor hole, are the ideal choice for a variety of wheel polishing applications.

    Precision and Performance

    Renegade's signature orange mill-treated buffing wheel is renowned for its exceptional stiffness and heavy cutting capability, setting it apart from its yellow-treated counterpart. This added stiffness and cutting power make it perfect for effortlessly tackling even the most challenging polishing tasks.

    Optimal Buffing Configuration

    For semi-automatic wheel polishing machines requiring four wheels, we recommend a specific stacking configuration to maximize the buffing process. We recommend pairing two yellow 14" Airway Buffing Wheels in the center with two orange Airway Buffing wheels on the sides for an optimal polishing result. The orange Airway Wheels offer a firmer feel and a more robust cut, thanks to their 20-ply construction, surpassing the 16-ply yellow wheels in surface area for effective cutting, particularly when polishing Alcoa wheels and similar aluminum-style wheels. Combine them with one of our Metal Polishing Compounds for Buffing Wheels, and you'll witness spectacular results as your wheels regain their radiant shine.

    Versatile Application

    Renegade's 14" Buffing Wheels are engineered for versatility. Featuring a 5" center and a 1-1/4" arbor hole, they seamlessly fit onto the most common wheel polishing machines. Furthermore, these wheels can securely mount on an industrial lathe, expanding their usability across various polishing scenarios.

    Elevate Your Wheel Polishing Game

    Step up your wheel polishing game with the precision, durability, and expertise of our 14" Buffing Wheels. It's time to rejuvenate your chrome and alloy wheels, allowing their brilliance to shine once more.