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4x4 Barbie Detailing Kit


Proposition 65 Warning - Renegade Products

4x4 Barbie Detailing Kit

Keep your ride clean the same way Barbs does with the 4x4 Barbie Detailing Kit!


What's in the 4x4 Barbie Detailing Kit?

One (1) 24 Ounce bottle of Rebel Rubber, Vinyl, & Plastic

One (1) 24 Ounce bottle of Rebel Savage APC (All-Purpose Cleaner)

One (1) 24 Ounce bottle of Rebel Hydroguard

One (1) 24 Ounce bottle of Rebel Moneyshot Wash & Wax

One (1) 12 Ounce bottle of Rebel California Love Air Freshener

Two (2) Premium Red Microfiber Towels

One (1) Microfiber Round Pad



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