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    American Canine Detangling Spray

    Best hydrating coat & dematting spray

    Our luxurious American Canine Detangling & Dematting spray contains only naturally derived ingredients, including coconut and palm, and has a fresh citrus fragrance. This plant-based, 3-in-1 product reconditions stressed, frizzy hair by removing tangles, as well as conditioning and moisturizing all types of hair. We love this product for spraying our puppy every few days to give him a beautiful, natural shine. We want our customers to know that we do NOT use any alcohol, sulfates, phosphates, parabens or dyes in our formulas like other popular brands. 

    Ingredients: Water, Plant based surfactants derived from coconut and palm, fragrance and preservative. 

    How to Use: Lightly spray entire coat. If needed, apply generously to trouble spots/areas. Comb or brush gently after use. 

    The benefits of using coconut oil in our detangling spray: 

    Coconut Oil is often used in dog care products because of many beneficial qualities to the skin and coat. Coconut oil is known to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties for your dogs which is the best all-natural remedy you could ask for in an ingredient. Having coconut oil in our spray was specifically chosen because of its versatility and medical aid it can provide to our puppies. Using this product regularly can also help dogs that suffer from dry skin and eczema. 

    The benefits of using palm oil synergistically with coconut oil in dog detangling spray:

    Palm oil is a vegetable oil derived from an African, American & Maripa palms. The reason why it is used in dog products is because in addition to being soothing and nourishing for the skin, it also contains important micronutrients such as beta-carotene and vitamin E in the form of tocotrienol and tocopherols. While these are fancy words - its important to know that these are vital for destroying free radicals and nourishing the skin and coat to keep your dog healthy, vibrant and looking glamorous.