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    Buffing Wheel Rake for Metal Polishing

    Buffing Wheel Rake for Metal Polishing

    What is a Buffing Wheel Rake?

    A buffing wheel rake is an essential tool used in the removal of excess and spent Metal Polishing Compound from the edge of your Airway Buffing Wheels. Over time, this Metal Polishing Compound can harden and become firmly attached to the Airway Buffing Wheel's edge, impairing its effectiveness. The buffing wheel rake comes to the rescue by efficiently removing this compound buildup.

    It is important to maintaining the performance and longevity of your Airway Buffing Wheel whether it's in action on a lathe, bench grinder, or an angle grinder. 

    How should a buffing wheel rake be used?

    Ensure that your buffing wheel is spinning at its regular speed, and secure the rake firmly when positioned against a stationary bench grinder or lathe. When using with an angle grinder, exercise extra caution while raking, as it is possible for one to accidentally let go of both the grinder and rake. We recommend using your feet to anchor the rake to the ground while holding the angle grinder securely against the rake. This approach effectively removes Metal Polishing Compound buildup and softens the Airway Buffing Wheel's edges without compromising its integrity.

    How do I know When to Use a Buffing Wheel Rake?

    The need to rake your Airway Buffing Wheel arises when an excess of Metal Polishing Compound accumulates on the Airway Buffing Wheel

    If you detect a noticeable reduction in the amount of residual aluminum dust collecting around the metal surface during buffing, it's time to reach for the rake. The appearance of a silver-ish shine on the edge of your Airway Buffing Wheel is also an indication that it is time to rake.

    After raking the buffing wheel, a small application of fresh Metal Polishing Compound will restore its optimal performance. 

    Incorporate the buffing wheel rake into your metal polishing routine to maintain the peak performance of your Airway Buffing Wheel, ensuring consistently outstanding results with every use.

    Below is an example of the Buffing Wheel Rake being used on an Unbleached Muslin (UBM) Buffing Wheel.

    Below is a video that covers why and how to use a Buffing Wheel Rake: