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    American Canine Essential Mini Kit

    This American Canine Essential Mini Kit is complete with 6 different products to have your pup smelling fresh & clean! 

    Kit Contents: 

    5-in-1 Oatmeal Shampoo

    Our powerful plant-based oatmeal shampoo uses all-natural moisturizers, cleaners and deodorizers. We think our 5-in-1 shampoo is really what separates us from other brands as we developed an all inclusive shampoo that cleans, conditions, deodorizes, moisturizes and detangles all in one! More importantly our formula is safe on dogs with sensitive skin and will leave your puppy's coat shiny & fluffy!

    Fresh Breath Water Additive

    Now...we know what you are thinking....Water additive? for my dog? YES! Our water additive product is TOTALLY safe and all natural! Pouring a little bit of this product in your dogs bowl along with their water will get rid of your dogs bad breath AND fight plaque and tartar build up at the same time! There is no brushing required for this formula...and your dog will love it! 

    Anti-Chew Deterrent Spray 

    After countless pillows, blankets and clothes being chewed on, we finally had to draw the line when my favorite pair of Gucci slides got chewed to bits by our Pomeranian Habibi! We thought we would double up on the concentration of our chew spray to REALLY save our investments...and yours! Best of all this product does not contain harmful ingredients that other companies typically use such as alcohol and propylene glycol. Simply spray and let sit! This product is powerful and ALL NATURAL! 

    All Natural Detangling Spray

    If your furry four-legged best friend is long haired and needs a little pick me up to detangle his/her fur, this spray will have you set! For our short haired buddies this product is fantastic for freshening up and giving a nice glimmer to his/her coat! This product uses all natural ingredients such as coconut and palm oil and has just the right amount of a natural citrus scent. This product is technically 3-in-1 as it removes tangles, conditions & moisturizes all in one

    Ear Cleaner 

    We cannot say enough how important ear cleaners are for our dogs and yet almost everyone forgets to do this! because our dogs ears are relatively big, they tend to attract a lot of harmful pathogens. Its important you regularly clean your pup's ear regularly to prevent infections! Our formula uses all natural ingredients and is formulated to clean, dry, acidify & deodorize the ear canal. Our formula will re-condition and moisturize your dogs ear without depleting the skin's natural lipid barrier. 

    Dog Stain & Odor Remover For All Surfaces 

    We use a very simple, powerful and all natural formulation to safely and effectively remove soiled spots left by your pup. This formula will destroy odors, spots & stains in carpet, linoleum, tile & hardwood floors. Even better, once sprayed this formula will prevent re-soiling by your pup as pre-existing odors and spots are thus removed.