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    Men's Duo Skincare Set - Oxygen 8 Foaming Mask + Bio Serum

    Foaming Face Mask and Face Serum Are Essentials For Any Man's Skincare Routine!

    Our DUO set for Men is complete with our Oxygen 8 foaming face mask and Bio Thermal Serum. These are essential skincare products for any man's daytime and nighttime skincare regimen. Purify and cleanse your face with our ultra premium foaming face mask that will leave your skin feeling fresh after a long day's work. In addition to our foaming face mask this kit also includes our innovative Bio Thermal Serum which firms and revitalizes the skin's surface.



    Our relentless foaming face mask is the ultimate carbon detox therapy a man can buy and is a true EXPERIENCE. Our foaming face mask infuses oxygenated microbubbles that penetrate the skin's epidermis and exfoliate and clean dirt and grime that is clogging your pores. Clean pores lead to clear skin, less acne & skin irritation. This product is essential for any man's routine and should be used 2-3 times a week to maintain and optimize a clean face. Properly maintaining your face with this face mask is effortless and will promote optimal tissue hydration and reduce wrinkles while increasing the skin's firmness. 



    The synergy between our face mask and serum is the most efficient way for a gentleman to optimize his facial routine for efficiency and efficacy. Our serum has powerful ingredients such as truffle oil, Vitamin B & C complexes which help to hydrate and nourish the skin from UV radiation & aging. White Truffle Oil extract specifically targets cellular renewal that helps to remove wrinkles, tighten & nourish the skin! This is truly a potent and powerful formula that should be apart of your morning and nighttime routine.