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Rebel Wheel Seal


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Proposition 65 Warning - Renegade Products

What is Rebel Wheel Seal?

Rebel Wheel Seal is a proprietary blend of sealants designed to create a barrier that protects wheels from brake dust, road grime, and water spots. Additionally, its anti-static formulation guards against the adhesion particulate contaminants. It's safe for use on powdercoated, painted, and polished aluminum forged wheels.

How do I use Rebel Wheel Seal?

Apply Rebel Wheel Seal after you have cleaned your vehicle. We recommend applying a degreaser and soapy water to remove all contaminants via a soft hand brush or sponge. 

Apply an even coating of Wheel Seal with Premium Microfiber Round Pad. Distribute the product in small dabs around the edge of the wheel before working into the surface. Allow Wheel Seal to haze before buffing out with a dry Premium Red Microfiber Towel.

Let Rebel Wheel Seal rest for three to five minutes before applying an additional coat. For best results, apply two even coats on the wheel to maximize the length of protection.

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