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    How to start a metal polishing business


    Starting a metal polishing business can be an incredibly lucrative business if you do it right and approach it from a business perspective. Almost anyone with a decent work ethic and some free time can begin marketing themselves and their business with some of the many FREE marketing tools that are available today such as Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok or even YELP. 

    What other items do you need for metal polishing? 

    Makita 9237CMakita GA7021, or DeWalt DWP849X when it comes to polishing machines.

    Full Face Respirator  - Don't skimp on these, you don't want metal dust and polishing products in your lungs! This is the best respirator for metal polishing. 

    Makita Random Orbital Sander  - Most popular sander for metal polishers

    Heavy Duty 50 Foot Extension Cord and 20 Ton Air Jack  - The extension cord for obvious reasons as you want to be away from your home or anything that would get dirt on it, as well as the air hack which will help you rotate the wheel with your foot and get a nice even sand on the wheel.  

     What sander is best for metal polishing? 

    We recommend two different sanders that you can use with your sanding process before going into your metal polishing with buffing wheels & buffing compound. One is corded and is great quality and the other is a cordless for those that have a little extra budget and want the added convenience. Both are fantastic quality and work with our sanding discs. 

    1. Corded Orbital sander - Orbital Sander $ 100

    2. Cordless Orbital Sander - Milwaukee Cordless Orbital Sander $ 117.99 

    Below are some important questions you need to ask yourself and figure out before you start your business:

    How do you make your own logo for your metal polishing business?

    If you need help getting a logo designed for you, you can use this link below where you can create a logo for only $ 25 ! We have used this service many times and it comes with both .png and .jpg versions of the logo that you will need for websites, social media etc. 


    How to make a website for your metal polishing business:

    If you are looking to have a custom website made for your business you can reach out to Branding Lab Company where they specialize in service and product based business and have a lot of experience with existing metal polishing businesses. They will help you layout your metal polishing or detailing services and allow truckers or clients schedule appointments with you. To get started with this please contact them here

    Branding Lab Co


    1. Do i want to do a mobile detailing and polishing business? Or do I want to do a fixed location and have customers come to me?

    The nice thing about being mobile is that you can load up on supplies and provide convenience to your potential customers that might not otherwise be used to this type of service. Also you can usually charge more for your time for providing the extra convenience. On the flip side, the nice thing about having your own shop is that you have a controlled & fixed environment that your customers can come to that gives them a sense of safety and comfort knowing that you are a legitimate business. Additionally having a controlled climate where everything is there, is a massive plus as sometimes you can run out of supplies, power or sunlight at a job location! The downside of having a location is the overhead cost that is required to have a location, which can be difficult if you are just starting out and aren't sure how this career is going to go. We recommend starting out mobile and working your way to a set location! 

    2. What is the pricing for metal polishing services in my area? 

    This is one of the most important questions you need to answer if you are getting into this business. Instead of randomly pricing your services, you NEED to call local polishers or people offering the same services and do your MARKET RESEARCH. This alone will tremendously help you in your ability to know if you will make money in this profession or not. Questions you will want to ask your competition:

    How much do you charge to polish a whole truck? How much if there is sanding involved? How much do you charge to polish a simple cut and color on a wheel? etc etc. These are the questions you need to figure out so you can correctly price your services. 

    3. What polishing markets are around me and where could I drum up metal polishing business? 

    Different market segments exist and some polishers or detailers really make their name by becoming very well known in particular markets such as Big Rigs / Semi Trucks. Marketing your business to a particular community can really have an outstanding affect with word of mouth and thus cause a certain snowball effect that can really help grow your business. Other markets besides big rigs are pontoon boat polishing, Lifted truck polishing (there are a ton of aftermarket polishes aluminum wheels that need polishing out there) etc. There may be several other community based industries that you could look into that might be specific to your region. 

    4. How do I perfect my craft and learn everything there is to know? 

    We highly recommend taking a hands on training course from some of the many great polishers that are out there in our industry. Besides that YOUTUBE is a GREAT resource for learning the basics on metal polishing. Our youtube channel has many great polishing videos that show you how to professional and effectively polish everything from Aluminum to Stainless Steel! 

    Here is a great few video's to watch: