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    What does graphene do in detailing products?


    Graphene products as they relate to detailing chemicals at their core utilize the chemistry of graphene to enhance ceramic coatings with additional benefits. Some of these benefits are higher contact angles for water spots, scratch resistance, heat resistance & less water spotting. While these are all HUGE claims, it's important to have realistic expectations and understand that these are minor in nature. Will you still be able to take a key and swipe it across the paint and it leave a scratch? yes. But minor nicks and tiny gravel rocks thrown from the gravel truck in front of you..will probably help a little with that too! All of this being said, the combination of graphene and ceramic together make a synergistic combination of chemistry that really boost the life & longevity of your paint when used. 

    Now we realize there is a ton of people out there with opinions on graphene, what it does and doesn't it even help? We will try to lay out some of the reasons why it helps, what it is and what people get wrong...

    What is Graphene Oxide? Is it used in detailing products?  

    Graphene oxide is a carbon based molecule that was first added to detailing products for its purported properties such as scratch resistance, heat resistance, better contact angles with water beads etc. The problem was that the chemistry was still so new that companies were mixing graphene oxide in formulas, which just left the grain suspended in the formula without a way to properly adhere to the surface and give any beneficial qualities to the coating. Luckily, since then graphene dispersions were introduces which give outstanding benefits and allow the graphene to properly adhere to the formula AND the surface. 

    What is a graphene dispersion? 

    A graphene dispersion is what is used in liquified detailing products such as Graphene Spray Coatings or Graphene Waxes because it is the most effective way to get graphene to bind to the vehicles surface in conjunction with the remaining surfactants, polymers & proprietary chemicals that are in the solution. In essence, a graphene oxide grain which is what the dispersion is based off of, will simply be suspended in the solution unless it is broken down & liquified into a what is known as a "graphene dispersion." Graphene oxide is mixed with mater and other aggregates in in a centrifuge for at LEAST two hours to get the graphene to liquify. This intricate and delicate process is what causes graphene products to be so much more expensive than traditional ceramic coatings or waxes. 

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