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    What products do I need to keep my lowrider clean?



    Keeping a lowrider clean (much like any other vehicle) is a matter of figuring out what kind of problems you're facing, along with how to solve them.

    With respect to lowriders, there tend to be a few areas that owners and detailers focus on--namely the whitewalls/tires, interior, and paint. Below are some suggestions on what kit and products to go with to get your lowrider looking its best.


    What kit should should I buy to keep my lowrider clean?

    The Clean & Cruise Lowrider Detailing Kit will provide you with everything you need to keep your lowrider looking its best: from your tires and wheels all the way up to the custom paint on your roof, this kit will have your covered. Click on the image below to check it out:

    Below are some of the questions we commonly get asked about when it comes to finding the best product for a specific use:

    What do I use to dress the tires on my lowrider?

    Blue Magic Tire Dressing is the perfect way to shine your lowrider's tires up before a cruise or meet. Its a solvent-based tire dressing that'll bring a like-new shine to your tires. Solvent-based dressings like Blue Magic tend to have a longer life and will last through washes and rain while water-based dressing are less likely to do so. Additionally, a microfiber applicator or microfiber towel should be used during application to minimize slinging and keep the product off of your lowrider's precious paint.

    How do I keep the whitewalls on my lowrider looking white?

    Knock Out Heavy Duty Degreaser will safely remove dirt, grease, grime, and brake dust from wheels, engine compartments, door jambs, gas caps, and your lowrider's whitewall tires while not leaving a residue. It's effective enough to remove the majority of road oils and grime from your whitewalls so that the time you spend agitating and brushing your tires is minimized. All you need to do is rinse the whitewall tire to remove lighter surface contaminants, apply Knock Out Heavy Duty Degreaser while the tire is still wet, and agitate with a bristled brush to help lift away the dirt. Rinse off the tire when done.

    How do I clean the interior of my lowrider?

    Citrus Safetouch All-Purpose Cleaner is gentle enough to break down spots and stains within the interior of your lowrider, while being gentle enough to use on any surface. From your vinyl dashboard and hard surfaces like steering wheels to your leather, vinyl, or velour seats, Citrus Safetouch All-Purpose Cleaner and a microfiber towel will help you get cleaned up.

    How do I keep my lowrider clean between washes?

    NOtorious H20 Waterless Wash is engineered for safe, on-the-go cleaning and protection for your lowrider's exterior surfaces--especially your paint. Given that NOtorious H20 Waterless Wash has surfactants, carnauba wax, and lubricating agents, it safely removes dirt and contaminants from your paintwork while also helping to minimize scratches and blemishes from dry contact. With just a few sprays, NOtorious H20 Waterless Wash will make your lowrider look like you spent hours cleaning it. 

    How do I keep the glass on my lowrider clean?

    Kiss My Glass glass cleaner for all glass surfaces including (but not limited to) windows, windshields, and mirrors. Kiss My Glass will not leave streaks, residue, nor haze. It is non-flammable and will not affect painted surfaces. For best results, wipe off with a clean Waffle Weave Towel for Glass CleaningKiss My Glass is also safe to use on chrome, so you keep your lowrider's wheels, bumpers and plaques shining.

    What soap is best for washing my lowrider?

    Sud Storm Wash, Wax, & Shampoo is a high-quality, high-foaming car soap that is engineered with emulsified carnauba wax. This soap cleans away grease, bugs, oil, & road film from paint, glass & chrome surfaces. Sud Storm will clean and enhance the shine on your lowrider's paint and can be used with a foam cannon or a bucket. 
    Apply 2-3oz. of Sud Storm Wash, Wax, & Shampoo into a Renegade Foam Cannon, Renegade Hose Foam Gun, or bucket to gently pre-soak, loosen and carry away dirt and contaminants.
    Soak your Microfiber Wash Mitt in the wash solution and gently scrub your lowrider. We recommend starting from the top of your lowrider and making your way down. Doing so will help you to avoid spreading potentially damaging contaminants picked up from the road to the rest of your vehicle. In addition, leave your front and rear bumper for last as you don’t want to spread exhaust contaminants and insects onto the rest of your car. Rinse the soap away.
    Use a clean dry Premium Microfiber Towel and fold it in half. Then, start drying your vehicle using a long linear motion. Remove excess water from the towel and repeat until your lowrider is completely dry.

    Here's summary of what products you should use, along with its purpose: