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    Renegade Clay Bar

    Renegade Clay Bar

    Why do I need a Clay Bar?

    Use the Renegade Clay Bar to remove microscopic surface contaminants from your vehicle's exterior surfaces. Particles of road debris, industrial fallout, brake dust, and exhaust gases can embed themselves into your vehicle. Your vehicle may look clean to the naked eye, but it's likely contaminated on a particulate level. 

    How do I use a Clay Bar?

    Before the clay bar process, be sure to clean your vehicle as well as possible. Pre-clean stubborn areas with Renegade Savage APC (All-Purpose Cleaner) if necessary. Follow it up by washing your car with Renegade Moneyshot Wash N' Wax to loosen and carry away dirt.

    As you clay your vehicle, be absolutely sure to keep the bar and working surface sufficiently lubricated with a spray detailer or waterless wash such as Renegade NOtorious H20 Waterless Wash. Failure to do so would cause you to drag dry clay along your vehicle's paint, which may cause marking and damage. As a general rule, you should spray the area that you plan to work on and rub the clay in a linear motion. Repeat the steps until the desired surface or vehicle has been completed.  At that point, we advise that you wash your vehicle again to remove any remaining contaminants and lubricant--as illustrated below:

    Clay Bar Contaminants Vehicle Surface Renegade Products

    Lastly, apply a wax or protective coating such as Renegade Spray Wax or Renegade Hydro Guard Ceramic Spray to seal and further protect your newly rejuvenated panels. You'll know you did the job right when your previously neglected finish feels like flawless glass.  

    Pro Tips:

    • You may want to break the clay bar into smaller pieces. In the event that you drop the clay bar on the ground, DO NOT use it again. It's very likely that the bar has picked up contaminants and impurities that will cause flaws in your finish. Breaking the bar into pieces will keep you from having to dispose of an entire bar after a single drop.
    • Knead the bar when necessary to expose a clean, new surface. This will extend the life of the bar and allow you to work on multiple vehicles.
    • New or like-new vehicles are still candidates for the clay bar process. Sitting on dealership lots and auto transport trucks have likely subjected the vehicle to outside elements, industrial fallout, and pollutants as well.