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    Air Freshener Sampler Package Kit

    Air Freshener Package Kit

    Sometimes your vehicle ends ups smelling a little funky. Whether the unwanted odors are caused by food, pets, or waste, the end desire is to rid your vehicle of such smells.

    Using our Air Freshener Package Kit, those odors can be removed and replaced with a variety of options. The scents included in the package range from a masculine "Black Glacier" scent, to a neutral "New Car" scent, to a light, tropical "Hawaii Breeze" scent. This package contains enough options to fit any taste or preference.

    The Air Freshener Package Kit Includes:

  • One (1) 16 ounce Bottle of Smoke & Odor Eliminator
  • One (1) 16 ounce Bottle of Black Glacier Air Freshener
  • One (1) 16 ounce Bottle of Hawaii Breeze Air Freshener
  • One (1) 16 ounce Bottle of Strawberry Milkshake Air Freshener
  • One (1) 16 ounce Bottle of Twisted Cherry Air Freshener
  • One (1) 16 ounce Bottle of New Car Air Freshener
  • One (1) 16 ounce Bottle of Vanilla Air Freshener
  • One (1) 16 ounce Bottle of Mountain Pine Air Freshener
  • One (1) 16 ounce Bottle of Lemon Bar Air Freshener

    How to flush your vehicle's A/C system using Renegade Products Air Fresheners:

    Step 1
    Turn on your vehicle and set your air conditioning system to its maximum setting.

    Step 2
    Be sure that A/C system is set to recirculate.

    Step 3
    Spray the air freshener under your glove compartment and above the pedals 3 – 5 times on each side depending on the severity of the undesirable odor.

    Pro Tips:

    • Repeat this process after your pet has been in your vehicle.
    • If you are a smoker, repeat this process once a week as it neutralizes new odors over time.

    The SDS Sheet for our air fresheners can be found here.