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    Renegade Gum and Tar Remover


    Renegade Gum and Tar Remover

    What is Gum and Tar Remover?

    Gum and tar remover is a product that specializes in removing gum, tar, adhesive residue, or other contaminants with similar texture. This product works by dissolving and loosening the particles without causing any damage to the vehicle. Gum and tar remover is time saving as it is very effective at breaking down those stubborn particles, making it much easier to wipe away. It is also gentle enough to where it will preserve the underlying paint or finish of the vehicle.

    What Ingredients are Found in Gum and Tar Remover?

    Formulas for gum and tar remover will differ from brand to brand, but some common ingredients and chemicals you may find in these products are;

    1. Solvents are often found in gum and tar remover because they are very effective at dissolving sticky contaminants. Common solvents for this product can be petroleum distillates like mineral spirits or naphtha, isopropyl alcohol, or citrus-based extracts like d-limonene– which breaks down dirt while providing a citrus scent.
    2. Surfactants are also used in gum and tar remover because they enhance the cleaning power of the product.
    3. Emulsifiers mix the solvent and water-based components for a consistent formulation. Emulsifiers also aid in the removal of particles.
    4. Fragrances can also be added to give a pleasant scent to the powerful product. 

    How to Use Gum and Tar Remover?

    The process of using a gum and tar remover is easy; however, instructions will vary depending on the manufacturer. Here’s a general guide to using this product

    1. Start by parking your vehicle in  a shaded area or the surface is cool to the touch to prevent the product from drying too quickly. 
    2. Spray the product adequately onto the area that is affected. 
    3. Allow for the product to sit and use a microfiber towel to gently agitate the area. 
    4. Rinse with water or use a clean microfiber towel to wipe away the excess product and dissolved residue from the surface. 
    5. Follow any after care to provide luster and shine back to the vehicle. 

       SDS Sheet for the Gum and Tar Remover

      Click here to access the SDS Sheet for Renegade Gum and Tar Remover.

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