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    What is a buffing wheel rake and why do I need one?

    What is a buffing wheel rake and why do I need one?

    Raking your Airway Buffing Wheel is a crucial step that must be done before, during, and after the machine polishing process.

    Many may ask “what is a buffing wheel rake?” and “why should I rake my buffing wheels?” A buffing wheel rake is essentially a hard metal “comb” that is used to prepare a fresh surface on your buffing wheel so that it is ready to accept new polishing compound. It is also necessary to rake your Airway Buffing Wheel when there is dried, burned, or excess compound on your buffing wheel, as those things may create excess friction that will adversely affect the finish of the surface you are working on.

    To safely use a buffing wheel rake, secure the rake under your feet as you run the buffing wheel on it–so as to use your body weight to keep the rake stationary. If you are holding the buffing wheel rake in your hand, hold it to the right of your buffing wheel with the buff facing you (as shown below). Should you accidentally let go of the rake, it will be thrown away from you instead of toward you.

    buffing wheel rake yellow buff renegade products

    How often should I rake my buffing wheels?

    In most cases, raking and refreshing your buffing wheel should be done when you begin to notice metal particles collecting on the edge of the buffing wheel. Additionally, raking is likely needed when you begin to notice that your buffing wheel is working less effectively--probably due to excess friction creating fine scratches. As stated earlier, hardened and excess compound on your buffing wheel will require raking as well.

    What other items do you need for metal polishing? 

    Makita 9237CMakita GA7021, or DeWalt DWP849X when it comes to polishing machines.

    Full Face Respirator  - Don't skimp on these, you don't want metal dust and polishing products in your lungs! This is the best respirator for metal polishing. 

    Masking tape is an absolute necessity when high speed polishing.

    Makita Random Orbital Sander  - Most popular sander for metal polishers


     Watch the video below for some additional insight on buffing wheel rakes: