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    Mini Buffing Wheels (1/2" Arbor Hole)

    Cloth Type/Kit Type

    Mini Buffing Wheels (Yellow Mill Treat and Untreated)

    How are the Mini Buffing Wheels constructed?

    The mini buffing wheels range in diameters from 2" to 4" and come in 20, 40, and 60-ply varieties. 20-ply wheels are 1/4" thick, 40-ply wheels are 1/2" thick, and 60-ply wheels are 3/4" thick.

    They are made using the same yellow mill treat material and 60/60 unbleached muslin material. They are sewn all the way through to maintain durability and integrity.

    What do I get? 

    The Mixed Diameter Kits come with (2) 2-inch wheels, (2) 3-inch wheels, and (1) 4-inch wheel in the selected color/type.

    Mini buffing wheel packs consist of 4-6 wheels (depending on the diameter and ply count) in the selected color/type.

    What type of machine should I use with these mini buffing wheels? 

    These mini buffing wheels can be used on a conventional drill along with angled and straight die grinders. 

    Note: Mini Buffing Wheel Packs do not include a mandrel, but you can purchase one here.

    What are the safety requirements for buffing wheels & metal polishing? 

    As with any polishing project, We HIGHLY recommend that you use a full face respirator mask and eye protection. This FULL FACE RESPIRATOR MASK  is highly recommended and great quality. 

    When do I use mini buffing wheels?

    These mini buffing wheels are perfect for polishing and finishing the details on your polishing projects where a conventional Airway Buffing Wheel is not ideal--such as the windows/cutouts on wheels or the sharp angles on fittings, hinges, and similar use cases.

    All of the mini buffing wheels can be used with cut and color compounds (brown/black or green/pink) while the untreated wheel can also be used with our finishing compounds (white, blue, and purple). These mini buffing wheels would also be great for use with our new Q36 One-Step Compound for a combined cut-and-color.

    Please note:

    • Mini Buffing Wheels should be run at approximately 10,000-12,000 RPM. 

    • These mini buffing wheels have a 1/2" arbor hole.

    • The mandrel (included only in the kit configurations) have a 1/4" attachment shank, a 1/2" threaded arbor, and are approximately 2-1/4" in length.