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    Renegade Landslide All-Terrain Coating


    Renegade Landslide All-Terrain Coating


    What is All-Terrain Coating?

     An all-terrain coating is a detailing product that is designed to provide a long lasting protective coating. These all-terrain coatings are made to withstand various demanding conditions such as harsh weather, UV rays, and physical abrasion. This non-stick coating is durable and provides scratch resistant properties for all of the off-road racers and drivers. The durability of these products work against road debris such as rocks, sand, mud, or snow and the abrasion resistance protects against scratches and swirl marks. All-terrain coatings also help to protect the vehicle's underlying surface from chemical damage or etching as it is resistant against acidic substances, harsh detergents, and alkaline cleaners. Hydrophobic or water repellent properties are another feature of this product – it makes water beads form so no water spots affect the surface. 


    What Ingredients are Found in All-Terrain Coatings?

     Formulation and ingredients can vary from brand to brand; however, some common ingredients you may find in all terrain coatings are;

    • Silane or Siloxane Polymers are used in many coatings because they add a hydrophobic and strong protective layer on the surface of the vehicle. It helps against UV rays, water, and other abrasions. 
    • Ceramic Nanoparticles can be found in these products as they enhance durability and hardness. These ceramic particles aid in self-cleaning properties and are great for water repellency. Common types of ceramic nanoparticles are SiO2 or TiO2.
    • Polymeric resins adhesion and flexibility to these coatings. Types of polymeric resins include acrylics, urethanes, or epoxies.
    • Solvents are found in all-terrain coatings as they help dissolve particles and help aid in the drying process. Common solvents are isopropyl alcohol or ethanol.
    • Additives such as UV stabilizers, lubricants, and gloss enhancers can be added to improve the application and protective properties of this product. 


    How to Use All-Terrain Coatings?

     To use an all-terrain coating, there are several steps to follow to ensure a proper application. A general guide to using this product is as follows;

    1. Start by preparing the surface. You will want to start with a clean car.
    2. Shake the bottle thoroughly and start spraying it onto the vehicle or microfiber round applicator pad. You can spray onto a wet or dry surface.
    3. After spreading the product evenly, allow for it to cure for 30 - 60 seconds.
    4. Using a clean microfiber towel, buff off the excess product.


    Below are photos of a surface coated with Renegade Landslide All-Terrain Coating 24 hours after a ride--with no agitation or cleaning:



    Renegade Landslide less than 24 hours after a ride with no cleaning or agitation:

    The SDS Sheet for Landslide All-Terrain Coating can be found here.

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