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    Renegade Voodoo X Iron Remover


    Renegade Voodoo X Iron Remover


    What is Iron Remover?

    Iron remover is a product that is specially formulated to remove iron particles from a vehicle's surface. Particles of iron can come from industrial fallout, brake dust, and other sources and when it can bond onto an automotive paintwork. When iron bonds onto the surface of a vehicle, it can cause damage if untreated. This product is a safe alternative to acid washes because it is pH balanced and acid-free – meaning it is better for not only your vehicle, but your health as well. 

    What Ingredients are in Iron Removers?

    Iron removers are formulated with a combination of chemicals and ingredients that work to dissolve iron particles. Common ingredients you may find in these products are

    • Iron-reacting agents are a primary ingredient in iron removers because they make it easier to remove those particles. Iron chloride or iron sulfate are types of compounds you may find in iron removers. 
    • Surfactants are often added to these products as they enhance the cleaning properties and reduce surface tension.
    • Solvents, such as alcohol or water, help to suspend the iron contaminants, making it easier to remove. 
    • pH adjusters, as mentioned earlier, make the iron remover more effective.
    • Color changing indicators are added to visually indicate that the iron remover is working. A pH sensitive dye is used causing a purplish color change when sprayed onto the vehicle.

    How to Use Iron Remover?

    Instructions may vary from brand to brand; however, a general guide to using an iron remover is as follows

    1. Start by washing the vehicle to remove any loose dirt. Ensure that the vehicle is out of direct sunlight or cool to touch. 
    2. Spray the iron remover directly onto the panels and wheels. Spray generously to get rid of any buildup especially in the nooks of the wheels, calipers, or brakes. 
    3. Allow for the product to turn purple which will tell you the iron particles are effectively getting lifted from the surface. 
    4. If the buildup is severe, you can gently agitate the areas with a microfiber wash mitt or a nylex handle brush.
    5. Rinse thoroughly when completed. 

    Pro tips

    • Use gloves during use.
    • Voodoo X can be used while your vehicle is either wet or dry.
    • Spray only on cool surfaces and do not use on vinyl, leather or moldings.
    • Do not use in direct sunlight.
    • Use VooDoo X in a well-ventilated area.
    • Do not let it dry on the surface of your vehicle.

    SDS Sheet for Renegade Voodoo X Iron Remover

    The SDS Sheet for Renegade Voodoo X Iron Remover can be found here.