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    How to clean a Tesla


    Cleaning a Tesla can be a difficult process as tesla is known to use unique materials to build their vehicles and have a special paint process that leaves their much harder than other companies. These are reasons why using the right products and right process can be everything in the success of getting your Tesla back to new condition. There is immense pride and love in Tesla ownership and we have done the homework using our in depth knowledge of paint, materials and detailing products to bring you a comprehensive article on what to do and what not to do in the cleaning if your Tesla, whether it be the Model S, 3, X or Y . Wait does that say S3XY? 

    What are Tesla seats made out of? 

    Tesla's are known for setting the industry standard for quality and comfortability with their seats. While many people commonly think of their seats being leather, they are actually made with a vegan leather that comes in white, cream and black color option. 

    What is 'Vegan Leather' ?

    Vegan leather is a polyurethane that is much more stain and scratch resistant than leather and incredibly pliable and long life. This is known to be much better against blue jeans and other items that be against a seat in a vehicle that can cause color transfer. 


    How to clean tesla seats

    Tesla seats when black can be very forgiving as they naturally hide any dirt or grime. The tesla cream or white seats will definitely show any dirt accumulated in the vehicle. If you are like me and have your 4 legged best friends in the vehicle, you will 100% get their dog prints all over the vehicle in a moments notice. The remedy for this will be to use a safe non-corrosive cleaner such as our Citrus Safetouch A.P.C.  which can be best used using 3 methods of cleaning. 

    1. Drill with brush attachment - You can use this method with the citrus safetouch to quickly loosen and scrub the seats while creating a nice lather that will exfoliate the seats. This is the heavy duty option for heavy grime and dirt. 

    2. Bucket method - This is one of my favorites. Simply take some All Purpose cleaner, a bucket, microfiber towel and some water and get ready to clean! Simply take a bucket, poor in about 4-6 ounces of APC, 3-4 gallons of water and mix it up. Take your towel, dip it in the water and wring it out. You are now ready to clean! Take your damp towel and clean the interior of your vehicle, scrubbing to remove the hard to remove grime. This will do an amazing job of cleaning the scuff marks left from shoes and grime/soot that is sitting in your vehicle. This method is best for seats and the dashboard! 

    3. Spray method - This is the quickest method, simply spray and dampen your towel using your APC of choice then spot clean the areas needed. Be careful of overspray in the vehicle as when you spray areas directly or into the towel, you tend to overspray to other parts of the vehicle. If these overspray spots are not cleaned they will leave little spots in your vehicle that no one wants to see ! 

    how to clean a tesla seat

    How to quickly & safely clean the dashboard inside a tesla? 

    One of the most common ways to safely and effectively clean the interior such as your dashboard and cup holders is to use an instant detailer. This product uses surfactants to safely lift and remove light dust and grime from your Tesla's interior.  This product was engineered to prevent scratching, marring or streaking on your dashboard or vehicles surface. You can use this to to also clean your cup holders from soda spills, food droppings etc. This is a quick and effective way to clean your tesla without a lot of effort. 

    What cleaning products do you need to clean a Tesla? 

    To clean a tesla you need safe and effective products that are engineered to clean safely and quickly without harming the interior or exterior of the vehicle. The following kit has everything you need to clean your Tesla in 30 minutes. 

    Tesla Detailing Kit $ 99.97 

    Tesla Detailing KitTesla cleaning kit

    Frequently Asked Questions regarding cleaning a Tesla

    What is the best way to wash a tesla? 

    The best way to wash a tesla is to use safe, non corrosive products that will prevent damage to your electric vehicle. Using a simple wash method is always the best solution to safely and effectively cleaning your tesla, whether it be a model S, 3, X or Y. 

    1. Rinse the vehicle thoroughly, starting from the top of the vehicle and working your way down to the bottom of the vehicle where the wheels and tires are. This ensures that you are moving the dirt down the vehicle as opposed to up the vehicle. The best method for this would be a pressure washer, although a simple hose with a pressure sprayer will work as well. 

    2. Second step involves soaping and washing the vehicle to loosen any grime and debri from the vehicle. You can do this using either the bucket method or a foam cannon and pressure washer. In either case, you want to use a microfiber mit to loosen any grime, debri or bird droppings on the vehicle. Once you have scrubbed the vehicle you are now ready for the next step. 

    3. Rinse the vehicle using a pressure washer or hose. Be sure to again use proper technique and work your way from the top of the tesla down to the bottom of the tesla. 

    4. Dry the vehicle. This is perhaps the most important step as this is where the car is most susceptible to being scratched. Make sure to use a clean microfiber towel or chamois. This is also a good time to use a spray wax or ceramic spray to simultaneously coat and protect the car.  

    How to clean Tesla Camera Lenses? 

    Cameras on a Tesla's are incredibly important for the vehicles spatial visibility. Making sure the cameras are properly cleaned and inspected is paramount for the performance of the car. Make sure to frequently clean all camera lenses using a simple glass cleaner and clean microfiber towel

    Can a tesla go through an automatic car wash tunnel? 

    While tesla's can in fact go inside of an automatic wash tunnel, it is highly recommended against due to the grime and dirt build up on tullen brushes which are not cleaned frequently enough. This will leave Tesla's very susceptible to scratches or marring that will become very evident when your vehicle is in the sun. 

    How often should you wash your tesla? 

    Best practice for cleaning Tesla's is every two weeks. This will ensure the longest life and longevity of the paint on your tesla. Bird droppings, industrial fallout and grime can tend to corrode Tesla's paint over time due to their acidic and corrosive nature. 

    Can a Tesla Get wet? 

    Yes, Tesla's can of course get wet and are safe in car wash tunnels and in the rain. Where Tesla's getting wet would be problematic is when tesla's get flooded due to rain or natural disasters. Although with 'boat mode' in some tesla's, they can actually survive these conditions! 

    What is the best pressure washer for washing a Tesla? 

    When it comes to washing your tesla, there are three main pressure washers that we recommend, and of course the two main ones are electric! 

    1. The BEST pressure washer for less than $ 100 that we would recommend is the Greenworks Pressure washer on amazon. At the time i am writing this it is going for $ 89. 

    2. The best overall quality and bang for your buck pressure washer that will give you the most foam AND is electric is the Sun Joe Pressure washer which is also conveniently on amazon. We use this one a lot and you will not regret it! This one comes in at just over $ 200 

    3. The best gas powered pressure washer you can find that both meets durability, quality and price is this Westinghouse Pressure washer. This pressure washer is just over $ 300.