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    3" Insertable Double-Buff Safety Flanges for High Speed Polishing (For Buffing Wheels WITHOUT Center Plates)

    Proposition 65 Warning - Renegade Products

    3" Insertable Double-Buff Safety Flanges for High Speed Polishing (For Buffing Wheels WITHOUT Center Plates)

    These flanges measure approximately 4-3/4" across, fit a 3" clinch ring, and have a recess/indentation of 3/4".

    What are Safety Flanges?

    Safety Flanges are to be used during high speed polishing and buffing with our Airway Buffing Wheels. They are meant to reduce the chances warping of the center plate of the buffing wheel. In addition to offering protection against warping, Safety Flanges also help to keep the buffing wheel securely in place.

    How are these different from other sets of safety flanges?

    These particular safety flanges are engineered to allow you to mount two (2) Airway Buffing Wheels at a time without the need for an arbor extension. Doing so will allow you to cover more surface area at once for a more efficient cut and/or color stage on your metal polishing products. See below: 

    How do I use these Safety Flanges?

    Attach the safety flanges to each side of your airway buffing wheel by simply placing the more shallow flange (with the arbor notch on the back) on your grinder's shaft and placing the two buffing wheels on top of the flange while paying special attention to making sure that your wheels will rotate in the appropriate direction. Lastly, place the thicker flange (with the deep recessed threading) on through the centerplates of the buffing wheels to lock everything down. See the video below for some tips on how to mount the flanges and wheels to your machine: