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    Renegade Products USA

    Airstream Polishing Kit

    If you're looking for the BEST Airstream Polishing've found it.

    This kit is all-in-one solution for anyone looking to polish and maintain an aluminum Airstream Trailer. Whether you are looking to restore your Airstream Trailer to a high luster or just want to maintain a shine that is unparalleled while out exploring the world--our Airstream Polishing Kit is what you need. 

    You will pair our Orange Airway Buffing Wheel with the Brown Tripoli compound bar for the cutting stage. For the coloring stage, you will pair our Yellow Airway Buffing Wheel with our Green Rouge polishing compound. As a final step, you may use Renegade Red Liquid Metal Polish in any hard to reach areas the buffer may have missed. Renegade Red is also a perfect hand polish to maintain your finish between high speed polishing sessions.

    Designed for:

    • Any aluminum Airstream trailer or trailers with aluminum siding


    • Restores luster and shine to an Airstream trailer