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    Alcohol Prep Spray



    What is Alcohol Prep Spray?

    In the detailing world, alcohol prep spray is formulated for prepping a vehicle before waxes or coatings. It works to properly bond products like sealants to the body of your vehicle to ensure protection, longevity, and durability.  Alcohol prep spray also aids in the removal of residues such as oils, waxes, or fillers. This product is versatile because it can be used on plastic, paint, or glass. 

    What Ingredients are in Alcohol Prep Sprays?

    Alcohol prep sprays contain little ingredients and are typically very straightforward. Although brand may vary with ingredients, common chemicals found in these products are

    • Isopropyl alcohol, or IPA, is the main active ingredient. It takes up about 10% to 15% of the mixture and it is very effective at dissolving nonpolar compounds. IPA leaves behind no oil traces and evaporates quickly, which is why it is so popular in the car care world.
    • Distilled water makes up the rest of the 85% to 90% of the solution. It works to dilute the high concentration  of the IPA so that it is at a safe, yet effective level. The reason distilled water is used over tap water is to ensure that there will be no types of residue left behind that may ruin the detailing process. 
    • Surfactants can sometimes be added to alcohol prep sprays to help with the overall cleaning and application process itself. 

    SDS  Sheet for the Alcohol Prep Spray

    Click the link to access the Alcohol Prep Spray

    How to Use Alcohol Prep Spray?

    Using an alcohol prep spray in your detailing process is very easy and simple to do. A general guide to using this product is as follows;

    1. Begin with prepping your vehicle. This can be done with a simple car shampoo and water to rinse away any loose dirt and contamination from the exterior surface.
    2. Spray the alcohol prep spray directly to the surface as well as a clean microfiber towel and begin to wipe with gentle pressure. 
    3. Allow for the product to dry. You can go in with a coating or wax such as Graphene + Ceramic Coating or Graphene + Ceramic Wax.
    • 16 Oz. Bottle
    • A must for prepping your vehicle before coatings or waxes
    • Safely and effectively removes oils, waxes & fillers from surface
    • Can be used in the sun or the shade
    • Has a great coconut smell!
    • Can be used on plastics, paint or glass