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    Leather Tonic Leather Cleaner & Conditioner


    Leather Tonic Leather Cleaner & Conditioner


    What is leather conditioner in the detailing world?

    Leather conditioner is a product that is meant to clean, moisturize, replenish, and protect leather surfaces found in your vehicle. If you find staining, fading, or discoloration to be a problem on your leather seats, upholstery, or other leather surfaces, a leather conditioner can be used to make these areas look new again. Leather conditioner is great at enhancing the visual appearance of the leather itself, but it is also great at maintaining a protective barrier against spills, the sun, and stains. This product keeps everything nice and supple and also damage resistant. Using leather conditioners regularly can extend the life of the leather while keeping it feeling the best and looking the best

    What ingredients are found in leather conditioners?

    The specific formulation of leather conditioners vary from brand to brand; however, there are a few common ingredients that are found in this product.

    • Natural oils such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, neatsfoot oil, etc., are found in leather conditioners because they help condition and moisturize the surface. These oils are good at preventing any cracking in the leather.
    • Conditioners are also found in these products – such as silicone or dimethicone derivatives – to help protect the leather and resist any brittleness. 
    • Emollients are added to smoothen the leather surface and add flexibility. Some examples of emollients are beeswax or glycerin.
    • Preservatives can be found in some leather conditioners to help prevent bacteria or mold from growing. 
    • Surfactants are often added to help clean the surface. These get rid of dirts, oils, and other contaminants that may be found on the surface. 
    • pH balancers can help prevent damage as well and may be found in some leather conditioners on the market today. 

    How to use leather conditioner?

    It is important to follow the instructions on the specific leather conditioner you are using, but these are some basic steps to help use this product efficiently.

    1. If the leather conditioner you are using does not come with cleaning properties, you should start by cleaning the surface with a leather cleaner or a damp cloth with water.
    2. After the surface is dry from cleaning it, pick a suitable leather conditioner for the leather you're working with and test a small area before applying everywhere. 
    3. Next, you will want to apply the leather conditioner to a clean microfiber towel or an applicator pad. Gently rub the conditioner in circular motions onto the leather. You can also use a leather and upholstery brushspecific to this process. 
    4. Allow for the product to effectively absorb into the surface  before removing the excess with a clean cloth. To remove the excess correctly, buff softly with a clean microfiber towel to ensure an even and non greasy finish. 
    5. The last step is optional, but you can repeat the process if you did not achieve the finish you were looking for. Be careful with applying too much, as it can lead to a greasy surface. 

    Be sure to regularly use leather conditioner to maintain beautiful looking leather!

    SDS Sheet for the Leather Tonic Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

    Click here to access the SDS Sheet for Leather Tonic Leather Cleaner & Conditioner.