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    Renegade Sanding Disc Eraser Stick

    Renegade Sanding Disc Eraser Stick

    Renegade's Sanding Disc Eraser Stick works to clean and dress sanding discs of all grits, freeing the discs of particles that lodge themselves between the abrasive grains during the sanding process, eventually causing a dull cut. To use, just hold the stick against a moving abrasive disc to remove the loaded particles.

    This product is made of natural rubber. 

    These rubber Eraser Sticks are meant to clean metal particles from your sanding discs to extend the life of your abrasives by 30-50%. This is one of the best disc maintenance products you can use to get you the most bang for your buck in extending the life of your abrasive discs while prepping the surface of your metal polishing projects. 

    What kind of sanding disc can you use a Sanding Disc Eraser Stick on? 

    Sanding Disc Erasers can be used on either ceramic, zirconia or aluminum oxide sanding discs. Erasers are compatible and extend the life of all three types of material. The eraser will remove dust build up from metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, and almost anything else you'll come across. We highly recommend these. 


    The best way to extend the life of a ceramic, zirconia or aluminum oxide sanding disc is to use this rubber eraser. The eraser is held up to the sanding disc for about 3 - 6 seconds to full unclog the sanding disc of any built up material particles that have been embedded in the disc during the sanding process. These erasers can extend the life of the sanding disc up to 50%. Many soft metals will clog the sanding disc and cause the disc to "glaze" over, reducing the efficacy of the disc, and prevent the abrasive grains from sanding efficiently.