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    Supreme Degreaser


    Supreme Degreaser


    What is a Degreaser?

    A degreaser, in the detailing world, is a powerful cleaning product that can be used on a variety of surfaces and provide many beneficial features. Degreasers can be used to clean engines, tires, machinery, tools, garage floors, or heavily soiled areas. It is used to remove and dissolve mud, brake dust, grease, or stubborn oil-based stains. 

    What Ingredients are Found in Degreasers?

    Ingredients and the formulation of degreasers can vary depending on manufacturers, but some common ingredients you can find in these products are

    1. Surfactants help lift grease and oil stains from a vehicle's surface. The surface tension allows for the product to spread and penetrate the affected areas effectively.
    2. Solvents also work to dissolve and remove stubborn contaminants. Types of solvents in degreasers are citrus-based solvents, petroleum distillates, and alcohol. 
    3. Emulsifiers allow for an easier cleaning process as it disperses and suspends the oil in the water. 
    4. Alkaline agents aid in the cleaning process itself. They are great at removing organic materials and oil or grease. Types of alkaline agents are sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide.
    5. Acidic agents also aid in the cleansing process, but they target more of the inorganic substances such as rust. Types of acidic agents include phosphoric acid or citric acid.
    6. Chelating agents remove mineral deposits or stains that can be caused by hard water. These agents improve the cleaning efficiency and make the process much easier.


    How to Use Degreasers?

    Instructions may vary from brand to brand; however, a general guide to using these products is as follows

    1. Depending on the amount you are using, dilution may be necessary. Although most 16 oz bottles are ready to use, larger quantities should be diluted 1:10 when dealing with heavy grease or oil stains, and a ratio of 1:20 is good for general cleaning.
    2. Park your vehicle in a shaded or cool spot.
    3. Apply the ready to use or diluted solution to a sponge, Nylex Handle Brush, or Round Applicator Pad
    4. Gently agitate the surface to help lift the dirt.
    5. Rinse thoroughly with water from top to bottom.

    SDS Sheet for the Supreme Degreaser

    Click here to access the SDS Sheet for Supreme Degreaser.