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    14" Satin Buffing Wheel for Polishing Machines


    14" Satin Buffing Wheel for Polishing Machines

    When it comes to revitalizing metals that have weathered the elements, our 14" Satin Airway Buffing Wheel is an indispensable tool in your arsenal. This specially designed wheel is your key to restoring items like weather-worn wheels and ensuring your metal surfaces regain their lost luster and shine.

    Seamless Transition from Cutting to Blending

    Pair our Satin Airway Buffing Wheel with our Surface Prep Buff and Blend Discs for an unbeatable combination that delivers exceptional results. After the initial cutting phase, our Satin Airway Buffing Wheel seamlessly steps in to expertly blend and feather in any remaining lines or imperfections. This blending process results in a smooth, flawless surface, setting the stage for the final polishing phase.

    Your Pathway to Exceptional Shine

    But that's not all – our Satin Airway Buffing Wheel also serves as an excellent precursor to our Orange and Yellow Airway Buffing Wheels. It acts as a crucial intermediary step that elevates your metal's finish to a level comparable to meticulous 320 or 400 Grit sanding before embarking on the polishing journey. This meticulous preparation ensures that your final polishing stage delivers impeccable, mirror-like results.

    Optimal Speed for Precision

    To unlock the full potential of your Satin Buffing Wheel, it's imperative to operate it at a maximum speed of 2200 RPMs. This speed limit guarantees precision and control during the blending process, ensuring that you consistently achieve the desired finish without compromising on quality.

    Revitalize Metals with Transformative Power

    Revive your metals and wheels with the transformative power of our 14" Satin Airway Buffing Wheel. It's your gateway to a seamless transition from rough to refined, leaving you with surfaces that radiate a renewed brilliance.