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    Bead It Up Plus Drying Agent

    Bead It Up Plus Drying Agent

    Unleash the potential of your car wash's final arch with Bead It Up Plus Drying Agent. This cutting-edge formula is tailor-made for automatic car washes, delivering outstanding water-beading performance and long-lasting UV protection.

    What sets Bead It Up Plus apart is its remarkable hyper-concentrated formulation, allowing for versatile use. You can dilute it up to an impressive 1:4 ratio, meaning that a single gallon of Bead It Up Plus is equivalent to the power of five gallons of conventional drying agents.

    Drying agents play a pivotal role in the car washing process by serving multiple essential functions. First and foremost, they act as a lubricating barrier, reducing physical contact between microfiber towels and your vehicle's surface. This reduction in friction minimizes the risk of swirls, scratches, and minor imperfections during the drying process.

    But Bead It Up Plus offers more than just protection. It excels at repelling water spots and contaminants, ensuring your vehicle remains spotless and pristine. Simultaneously, this remarkable drying agent seals the vehicle's surface, enhancing its shine to an impressive level.

    Enhance your car wash experience with Bead It Up Plus Drying Agent, the ultimate choice for water-beading performance, UV protection, and a dazzling finish. Unlock its potential and make every wash a remarkable one.

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