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    Deep Wet Carnauba Crème


    Deep Wet Carnauba Crème

    What is Carnauba Wax ?

    Carnauba Wax is an all natural Brazilian wax. It comes from the leaves of the carnauba  palm tree. This wax is popular in the car care world for its ability to enhance the appearance of vehicles and add protection. Carnauba wax provides a deep - wet looking shine and glow to a vehicle's surface. It can make the paintwork and color much more rich and rejuvenated. This wax shields from dirt, moisture, sun damage, oxidation , and fading while also being very durable. You can find this wax in a paste or liquid form. Paste can be a much more concentrated formula, yet a spray wax can sometimes be easier to work with.  

    What Ingredients are Found in Carnauba Wax Products?

    Different brands are going to make different carnauba waxes that vary in ingredients. However, the most common ingredients you will find in these products are

    • Esters can be found in carnauba wax because it gives water repelling properties and helps form a protective layer. Esters are basically fatty acids and alcohol combined.
    • Fatty acids help enhance the gloss and durability of the performance. Common fatty acids are palmitic acid, cinnamic acid, and lauric acid.
    • Alcohols like myricyl or ceryl alcohol can contribute to the hardness of the wax and provide gloss. 
    • Hydrocarbons can be found in carnauba wax for water resistant properties and to increase the melting point of the wax itself. 
    • Resins can provide adhesive properties; however, only small amounts would be added to wax products.

    How to use CarnaubaWax?

    Instructions may also vary depending on the brand of carnauba wax you are using. A general guide for how to use this product is as follows;

    1. Start by prepping the vehicle. You will want to wash the car with car soap, water, and a wash mitt to get rid of any dirt off of the surface. 
    2. Use a clay bar to get any embedded contaminants from the vehicle.
    3. Apply the carnauba wax to an applicator pad and spread evenly across the vehicle's surface.
    4. Use up and down and side to side motions to ensure you are covering the area effectively. 
    5. Allow for the wax to cure for about 5 minutes.
    6. Once you have waited for the product to cure, use a clean microfiber towel to buff the product into the surface. This will reveal the deep-wet glossy look.  

    Remember to always read the instructions on the label as brands may differ.

    SDS Sheet for the Deep Wet Carnauba Creme

    Click here to access the SDS Sheet for Deep Wet Carnauba Creme.