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    Graphene + Ceramic Wax


    What is Graphene + Ceramic Wax?

    Graphene and ceramic wax is a formula that is designed to enhance, protect, and provide durability to a vehicle's surface. This wax offers high levels of UV protection and it prevents oxidation, scratches, and other contaminants from settling on the surface of your car. A strong and long lasting protective layer gives water repelling properties, adds gloss, and has hydrophobic elements. 


    What Ingredients are Found in Graphene + Ceramic Wax?


    Graphene in the detailing world refers to graphene-based coatings for car care products. Ceramic is a type of hybrid detailing product that combines waxes with ceramic coatings. Together, these two make a great detailing product. Brands will have different ingredients in their products; however, common ingredients and chemicals are

    • Solvents to disperse the other components in this product. Solvents can include water and alcohol. Although this is not a solvent based product there is a minor amount in it.
    • Binding agents are added to adhere the coating to the surface for durability. 
    • Additives such as UV stabilizers, anti-corrosion agents, self cleaning properties, and other effective additives may be added to this product. 
    • Graphene oxide can be a main component in graphene + ceramic wax. This consists of oxidized carbon atoms and is derived from graphene itself.
    • SiO2 , also known as silicon dioxide, is often found in these products as it provides gloss, water repellent agents, and durability. This chemical adds to the protective layer.
    • Polymers are also added because they provide longevity and bonding properties. 

    SDS Sheet for the Graphene + Ceramic Wax

    Click here to access the SDS Sheet for Graphene + Ceramic Wax.

    How to Use Graphene + Ceramic Wax?


    Instructions may vary depending on the brand of graphene and ceramic wax you are using. A general guide for this product is as follows;

    1. Start by prepping your vehicle. Make sure to wash and dry your car to get rid of any dirt and grime. 
    2. Once the car is dry, apply a few drops of the wax to an applicator pad.
    3. Use crosshatch motions (up and down and side to side) to get an even application across the surface.
    4. Depending on the product, you may need to wait a small duration of time for it to cure. Usually you will want to let the wax sit for around 5 minutes.
    5. Once it has cured, use a clean microfiber towel to buff the product in and remove any excess. This will reveal a glossy finish. 
    6. A good graphene + ceramic wax will provide protection for 1 year! 


    Make sure to read the label and follow the specified instructions that are provided.