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    Mag N' Wire Acid Wheel & Aluminum Brightener


    Mag N' Wire Acid Wheel Cleaner & Aluminum Brightener

    What is Wheel & Aluminum Brightener/Cleaner?

    In the car care world, wheel and aluminum brightener and cleaner is a product used to get rid of dirt, grime, brake dust, and other particles from wheels and aluminum surfaces. This product is versatile and can be used on aluminum panels, tanks, wheels, pokes, hub caps, and wheel covers. Not only does the wheel and aluminum brightener clean the surface, but it also adds shine and duster to a dull vehicle. Using a wheel brightener can minimize steps for polishing and sanding – making the detailing process that much easier!

    What Ingredients are in a Wheel & Aluminum Brightener/Cleaner?

    Common ingredients and chemicals found in wheel & aluminum brightener and cleaners are

    • Surfactants which help to break down and dissolve dirt, grease, and grime. Surfactants also aid in the cleaning and application process itself. Common types of surfactants are sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, and cocamidopropyl betaine. 
    • Acids are often added into the formulation to get rid of the more stubborn contaminants such as brake dust, road grime, and oxidation. Types of acids are sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, and citric acid.
    • Alkaline compounds like sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide are also good at dissolving stains and residues. 
    • Solvents including isopropyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, or glycol ethers are used to dissolve substances as well.
    • Chelating agents remove metal oxide like rust and tarnish from the surface of the vehicle. Types of chelating agents you may find in these products are oxalic acid, EDTA, or citric acid.
    • Fragrances and colorants can also be added to create a visually appealing product that also provides a pleasant scent. 

    How to Use a Wheel & Aluminum Brightener/Cleaner?

    Wheel and aluminum brightener/cleaner can come in a ready to use formula or a more concentrated formula that you need to dilute. Follow the instructions on the bottle to properly use the product. A general guide for using a wheel cleaner is as follows;

    1. Start by putting on eye and hand protection when using these products.
    2. If you are using a large quantity, dilute to a ratio of 1:10.
    3. Begin the process by rinsing the area you are working on with water to remove any loose dirt. 
    4. Spray the product from top to bottom. 
    5. Let the product dwell for about 30 seconds and use a wheel wooly, sponge, or nylex handle brush to agitate gently. 
    6. Rinse with water to remove the product and dirt. 
    7. Dry the vehicle and follow any required after care.

    SDS Sheet for the Mag N' Wire Wheel Cleaner

    Click here to access the SDS Sheet For Mag N' Wire Acid Wheel & Aluminum Brightener.

    Check out how quickly Mag N' Wire brightens this neglected tank:

    What is the sprayer that is used in the video for diluting gallons with aluminum brightener? 

    In the video we use a special container for diluting the aluminum brightener with water which you can find HERE for roughly $ 43