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    Midnight Paint Correction Glaze


    Midnight Glaze & Sealant


    What is Paint Correction Glaze and Sealant?

    Paint correction glaze and sealant is a product used in the detailing world to enhance and protect a vehicle's paintwork. The process works to remove imperfections such as swirl marks, scratches, watermarks, or color oxidation.The glaze part of this product acts as a filler to fill the fine scratches and marks that appear on your vehicle. It also adds a smooth and glossy appearance for a more vibrant finish. The sealant works as a protective barrier. It adds durability and prevents damage from the sun, dirt, and other contaminants that can affect the vehicle's surface. This allows for the finish and gloss to last for a longer period of time. These products work on all paints and colors, but it is most effective on darker colors. 

    What Ingredients are Found in Paint Correction Glaze and Sealant?

    Different brands can use different ingredients in their paint correction glaze and sealant products, however, there are some common ingredients that can be found in these products. 

    In the glaze part of this product, it is common to use;

    • Fillers help to temporarily fill fine scratches and swirl marks on the paint job of the vehicle.
    • Polymers are used in glazes to enhance the gloss and depth of the paint color and provide richness.
    • Oils or lubricants can be found in these products to help spread the glaze evenly over the surface.

    In the sealant part of this product, it is common to use; 

    • Synthetic Polymers are often found in these products and it helps to create that protective layer along the paint surface. Types of synthetic polymers include acrylics or silicones.
    • UV Inhibitors are used to prevent damage from the UV rays. UV rays cause fading and oxidation. 
    • Antioxidants are found in these products to slow down or prevent the oxidation process.
    • Solvents aid in the application of the sealant itself. 
    • Crosslinking agents are used to provide a durable protective coating. It helps bond the polymer and sealants together. 

    How to use Paint Correction Glaze and Sealant?

    Brands will vary in how to correctly use this product; however, a general guide of this process consists of 

    1. You will want to start with a clean car. Begin this process by washing and drying the vehicle's surface to remove any light surface debris and grime.
    2. You can either use your hand and an applicator pad or you can use a polishing machine. Start by shaking the bottle thoroughly.
    3. Once you have shaken the product, apply a few dots to the pad and buff into the surface.
    4. Using circular motions and light pressure is enough for this process – especially if you are using a polishing machine. 
    5. Once that is complete, allow for this product to bond on the surface effectively by leaving it for around 10 minutes. 
    6. After the 10 minutes is up, you can then take a clean microfiber towel and buff off any excess product. This will add shine while removing residue.

    SDS Sheet for the Midnight Paint Correction Glaze

    Click here to access the SDS Sheet for Midnight Paint Correction Glaze.