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    Natural Pumice Stones for Airway Buffing Wheels

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    Natural Pumice Stones for Airway Buffing Wheels

    NOTE: This product is shipped by weight and may vary in quantity and appearance. The item weight selected will reflect the minimum weight that will be sent. The amount received may weigh more.

    These Natural Pumice Stones for Airway Buffing Wheels are meant to be used during the final stages of polishing to enhance the shine left by your "finishing" Airway Buffing Wheel and polishing compound.

    Why should you use a Pumice Stone on your Airway Buffing Wheels instead of a rake?

    Using a natural pumice stone on your finishing wheel will help to lessen stray fibers from the edge of your finishing buff. Compared to a conventional buffing wheel rake, the pumice stone is less aggressive on the relatively soft fibers of a finishing wheel and will create less stray fibers on the edge of the buffing wheel. Less of these stray fibers will contribute to less hash lines, thus creating a deeper shine and a more lustrous finish on your polished metal projects. A buffing wheel rake would be more suited for use on the harder, treated fabric of our other Airway Buffing Wheels. Please see the illustration below and note the removal of the larger fibers:

    How do I use the Pumice Stone on my Buffing Wheel?

    The Pumice Stone should be held firmly in one hand and applied to the buffing wheel, as shown below. Exercise caution--situate yourself, the machine, and the stone in a way that prevents someone from being hit, should any of the components leave your hands.