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Rebel Red Liquid Metal Polish



Proposition 65 Warning - Renegade Products

What is Rebel Red Liquid Metal Polish?

Rebel Red Liquid Metal Polish is perfect for light to medium-duty polishing jobs. It provides a mirror-like finish to metals such as stainless steel and chrome, while also leaving a long-lasting seal to keep your vehicle looking great. 

How do I use Rebel Red Liquid Metal Polish?

We recommend that you apply Rebel Red to your vehicle with a Premium Microfiber Round Pad to help reduce product waste. Continue the application process with even pressure until a dark haze starts to develop. To remove Rebel Red, we recommend using a Cotton Terry Cloth Towel to do a majority of the drying. Using a cotton terry cloth towel before switching to one of our Premium Red Microfiber Towels will help reduce the chances of any clumping of excess metal polish that may occur when only using microfiber towels.

Will Rebel Red work for heavy duty jobs?

Although Rebel Red Liquid Metal Polish will work for the majority of polishing jobs, we also offer our Rebel Pro Red Liquid Metal Polish, for users desiring a more aggressive cut without having to break out a buffing wheel.

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