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Surface Prep Buff and Blend Disc (2-Ply)


Abrasive Quality

prop 65 warning 

How are Surface Prep Buff and Blend Discs constructed?

The discs are 2-ply to help reduce lines while preparing metal. Each ply is epoxied together to prevent flaring through the life of the surface preparation buffing and blending disc.

When do I use Surface Prep Buff and Blend Discs?

Surface Prep Buff and Blend Discs should be used for moderate surface cleaning and deburring (smoothing) before polishing. 

After surface preparation, one may choose to follow up with sanding at 320 Grit to remove any remnants left behind by the disc. For a final polish, follow up with fine-grit Sanding Disc, then use the Tripoli compound and an Airway Buffing Wheel.

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