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    Triple Threat All-In-One Formula


    Triple Threat All-In-One Formula

    Quick Detailer, Waterless Wash, and Clay Lubricant

    The Renegade Detailer Series Triple Threat All-In-One Formula is designed to remove fingerprints, smudges, and light dust while simultaneously adding gloss and protection to the exterior surfaces of your vehicle. As a quick detailer and waterless wash, it's perfect for paint, glass, and chrome. With just a few sprays, Triple Threat All-In-One Formula will make your car look like you spent hours cleaning it. It's perfect for use between full car washes.

    Triple Threat All-In-One Formula is engineered for safe, on-the-go cleaning and protection for your vehicle’s exterior surfaces. Given that Triple Threat All-In-One has surfactants and lubricating agents, it is also meant to be used as a lubricant during the clay bar process, as it will prevent marring to the vehicle surface while not degrading the detailing clay like soapy water does.

    How to use Triple Threat All-In-One Formula:

    As a quick detailer and waterless wash:
    Spray Triple Threat All-In-One Formula onto a Premium Microfiber Towel and directly onto the working surface and wipe in a linear motion until surface is clean and dry. Be sure to start from the top and make your way down, to avoid run-off and additional work.

    As a clay bar lubricant:

    Spray generously onto the working surface, allowing the clay bar to glide across it. Move the clay bar in linear motions, reapplying as needed until the surface of the vehicle no longer feels rough. As stated above, work from the top and make your way down, to avoid unnecessary run-off and additional work. As seen below, Triple Threat is meant to provide a barrier between the potentially-marring clay bar and your vehicle's surface:

    SDS Sheet for the Triple Threat All-In-One Formula

    Click the link to access the SDS Sheet for Triple Threat.